Estamos Aqui: Here We Are

Searching for her own identity as a cosmopolitan (Jew), documentary filmmaker Cintia Chamecki tells the story of her grandparents and their arduous journey from their Eastern European shtetl to South America to their final destination: Curitiba, Brazil. The film recalls how Curitiba's first immigrants arrived well before World War II and assimilated to Brazilian culture with its mysteries and challenges, while preserving their Jewish heritage. And it portrays how this tightly knit community supported the second wave of arrivals, who had barely escaped the Holocaust, how everyone mourned those loved ones that perished in the concentration camps, how they dealt with Brazil's own dictatorship and how the community grew stronger over the years until today, as they build the first Holocaust Museum in Brazil.

84 minutes
Cintia Chamecki, Andrea Lerner

Shown at

  1. 17th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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