Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing

Poster for Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing Veysel (12) half Kurd, half Turk, fled to Austria with his family from Turkey and has been living in Vienna for a few months. At school, the shy boy is an outsider and a problem student due to his lack of language skills. At home, his older brother Mazlum (18) rebels against his father, who has spent years as a Kurdish freedom fighter in the Turkish mountains and who, from Mazlum's point of view, has abandoned the family. When the conflict between father and son culminates in a physical argument, Mazlum runs away from home, which in turn leads to an argument between mother and father. All these problems and conflicts threaten to crush the 12 year old Veysel, were it not for his hopeful daydreams in which he flees to his Ana. Ana is a girl from his class with whom Veysel is infinitely in love, but who in reality doesn't even know about his love.

Original title:
Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert
86 minutes
Hüseyin Tabak

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