Welcome to Kutsher’s: The Last Catskills Resort

Poster for Welcome to Kutsher’s: The Last Catskills Resort Kutsher's Country Club is the last surviving Jewish resort in the Catskills. One of the legendary Borscht Belt hotels during its heyday, Kutsher's has been family-owned and operated for over 100 years. Exploring the full Dirty Dancing-era Catskills experience-- and how it changed American pop culture in the comedy, sports and vacation industries-- this documentary captures a last glimpse of a lost world as it disappears before our eyes. https://www.facebook.com/Kutshers

73 minutes
Caroline Laskow, Ian Rosenberg

Shown at

  1. 12th Annual JCC Rockland International Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  2. 13th Annual Broward County Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  3. 15th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2012
  4. 17th Annual Hartford Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  5. Athens Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  6. Boulder Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  7. Charlotte Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  8. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2012
  9. Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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