The Boys from Porcelain Alley (Die Porzellangassenbuben)

Erich grew up in the Viennese street Porzellangasse 56, Arnold three houses further on number 50. They spent their spare time playing in the Liechtenstein park. Both had to flee from Austria and the Nazi regime in 1938. In 2009 they met for the first time. This documentary focuses on the encounter between the two fascinating and remarkable personalities: Eric Pleskow, a legendary Hollywood producer, Oscar winner and president of the Austrian Film Festival Viennale, and Ari Rath, the renowned activist and former editor of the Jerusalem Post.

Original title:
Die Porzellangassenbuben
60 minutes
Lukas Sturm

Shown at

  1. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2015

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