Slower Than A Heartbeat / Yoter Ity Mi’Lev

Lily is looking for a hero for her new novel. When she finds Nino, a romantic street artist by day and a peeping tom by night, she decides to seduce him and turn him into the subject of her book - without him knowing it. She meets Nino's close friend Freddy, an ultra orthodox Jew and a gay drag artist, who is Nino's muse in the same way that Nino is Lily's. Lily sees Freddy as a threat to her manipulation of Nino and realizes she must make Nino give him up. However, the tables begin to turn on Lily when Nino uncovers her true motives , and when she finds herself falling for Nino, this time for real.

Original title:
Yoter Ity Mi'Lev
90 minutes
Yanai Goz, Yoni Zicholtz

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