Room 514

Poster for Room 514 In this disturbing, realistic debut a determined young female soldier interrogates an officer. Contrary to her colleagues' advice she accuses him of beating up an Arab family. She perseveres against the abuse of power in the army. A female Israeli soldier is ordered to interrogate an Israeli officer who is alleged to have abused an Arab family. Lower in rank and also a woman, she is barely taken seriously by the haughty man; he only gives her sarcastic answers. Her colleagues, including her lover, advise her to stop the case - because it is too political, too complex and too notorious. Instead, she fastens her teeth in it, in the hope of getting justice for the victims. In the meantime she has the thumbscrews tightened by her lover and his intended. All the interrogations take place in room 514, where the sound palette is formed only by voices and the air conditioning.

Original title:
Heder 514
90 minutes

Shown at

  1. 10th Annual JCC Rockland International Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  2. 13th Festival of Israeli Cinema in Paris - 2013
  3. 16th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  4. 18th Annual East Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  5. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  6. Baltimore Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  7. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2013
  8. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2013
  9. Jewish Motifs International Film Festival - 2013
  10. Michigan City Jewish Film Festival - 2015
  11. Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  12. New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  13. Sarasota-Manatee Israel Film Festival - 2013
  14. Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  15. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2013

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