Jews In Rome / Ebrei A Roma

Poster for Jews In Rome / Ebrei A Roma The Jewish Community of Rome, the oldest in the Western world, told through three witnesses that representing many generations: David, John and Michael. The elder and indomitable David thanks to the business of which is the seventh generation, knows very well his Rome. John, who is forty years old, has decided to invest on Jewish food and wine, cultivates a strong religious feeling, in which eating kosher( that is in accordance with the laws of God) such as respect for the shabat and holidays Jewish, also become rediscovery of identity. Micaela, mother thirties, is tourist guide in the Ghetto of Rome.But first of all in these three persons is proud to be a part of Jewish culture in the heart of Rome.

Original title:
Ebrei A Roma
56 minutes
Gianfranco Pannone

Shown at

  1. Beijing Jewish Film Week - 2015

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