The Gatekeepers

Poster for The Gatekeepers A documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.

95 minutes
Dror Moreh

Shown at

  1. 11º Festival Internacional de Cine Judio Mexico - 2014
  2. 13th Annual Ventura County Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  3. 13th Festival of Israeli Cinema in Paris - 2013
  4. 14th Annual Rutgers Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  5. 19th Annual International Jewish Film Festival (Eastern Connecticut) - 2013
  6. 20th Annual Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  7. Berkshire Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  8. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  9. Festival de Cine Judío de Barcelona - 2013
  10. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2014
  11. Maine Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  12. Michiana Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  13. North Louisiana Jewish Film Festival - 2016
  14. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2013

2 Responses

  1. jewishfilmfests says:

    Variety: Film Review: ‘The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers’

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    HaAretz: Gili Cohen : Former Shin Bet chief Avraham Shalom dies at 86
    “Shalom was among six former Shin Bet heads to appear in the documentary “The Gatekeepers” by director Dror Moreh. The film was nominated for the Best Documentary Feature at the 85th Academy Awards.”

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