Futures Past

Poster for Futures Past Commodity trader turned filmmaker Jordan Melamed returns to his former life as the Chicago trading pits are threatened with extinction. ‘Open Outcry,’ the 150-year-old tradition of traders shouting out their orders, is being silenced by computer trading. Dominating this world is Jordan’s father, Leo Melamed, the imperious Chairman Emeritus of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the man responsible for changing the way the world trades. As Jordan gives us a crash course in the secret code on the trading floor, upstairs in Leo’s office, a long-dormant battle between father and son erupts, echoing the shouting in the pits. Open Outcry is their only common language and Jordan is determined to close the gulf with his father before the pits are silenced forever. Nearly 10 years in the making, Futures Past deftly examines the importance of human contact, whether in families or "the pits."

88 minutes
Jordan Melamed

Shown at

  1. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  2. Barshop JCC Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  3. Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  4. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  5. Chicago Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  6. Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  7. East Bay International Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  8. Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival - 2018
  9. Maine Jewish Film Festival - 2019
  10. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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