Frog Hunt / Tseid Tsfardeim

Tel Aviv, 2011. Hanna, a retired underground warrior against the British Empire occupation in Palestine is forced by her daughter to pack her stuff and move to a retirement home. Hillel, Her no-good of a grandson is sent over to help her pack, but Hanna is determined not to go, not until they’ll have a look at a new housing project built for foreign residents in the middle of her beloved home town. Confusing 1940's politics with now a days gentrification processes Hanna storms into battle. Unwillingly, Hillel is dragged after her in a futile attempt to make her pack and stop an escalating situation with the project’s residents. Controlled by his bossy mom, Hillel will have to find his own resistance as well as a new bond with his nostalgic hot tempered grandmother.

Original title:
Tseid Tsfardeim
15 minutes
Yotam Ishay

Shown at

  1. 22nd Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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