From the Black You Make Color

This film brings to the screen the diverse voices of women on the periphery of Israeli society. Eight such women - thrown together under one roof during the course of a school year at Tel Aviv's oldest beauty academy -- are spotlighted in this 75-minute documentary. They speak Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, English, Ambaric, Bantu and Vietnamese, yet somehow find a common language here. While the eight characters spotlighted in this film share some common ordeals, they also bring very unique and varied life stories to their new environment: two are new immigrants, one from Ethiopia and one from Russia, who see in this new profession a means of escaping destitution; two are foreigners, one from Nigeria and one from Vietnam, who struggle as outsiders in a very close-knit society; two are breast cancer survivors, one a teacher and one a student, who support each other through their illnesses; and two, one a teacher and one a student, have lost their husbands under tragic circumstances

70 minutes

Shown at

  1. 23nd Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  2. State College Jewish Film Festival - 2013

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