10 Months for a Life

The documentary film "Ten months for a life" is based on the book "1941: The Year That Keeps Returning" by Slavko Goldstein. It is a story about the fate of the Goldstein family during the first year of World War II in Karlovac. A story of a time when childhood was interrupted, of persecution, rescue and finally the escape to freedom of the surviving family members. Spanning a period of ten months (April 1941 – January 1942), the film chronologically traces the events as they unfolded, from the arrest and disappearance of the father, Ivo Goldstein, the arrest of the mother, Lea, the eviction of the brothers, Slavko and Daniel, and finally to the reunion of the mother with her sons in Kraljevica. A documentary approach, drawing on a rich archive, with elements of a family drama and a suspense thriller, leads us to the realization that history is not black-and-white, rather, in this story, it is hidden and deeply humane. The only goal sought by all the story’s protagonists was to save the lives of people who were being persecuted just for being of a different religion or nationality.

52 minutes
Mladen Ćapin

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