This is Your Life

One of American television’s most popular, enduring and fondly remembered programs, This Is Your Life presented tributes to hundreds of notable people on NBC. When remembering This Is Your Life, most people recall the many Hollywood personalities honored over the years. But it is the lives of these courageous women, whose harrowing yet inspiring stories are vividly related on This Is Your Life, that the UCLA Film and Television Archive are proud to present: Hanna Bloch Kohner, the first Holocaust survivor to share her story on national television, who as a young woman survived Auschwitz and was reunited with her pre-war fiancé after her liberation; actress Ilse Stanley, who before her forced exit from Germany, effected the release of over 400 people from Nazi concentration camps; and Dutch housewife Sara Veffer, who with her husband and six children, spent 18 months hiding in a 12-by-12 foot Amsterdam attic.


Shown at

  1. Vancouver Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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