Women Unchained

That there are Orthodox Jewish men who hold a get, or Jewish divorce decree, over their estranged wives’ heads out of spite and to extort money from the women’s families — making the women agunot — is a sad reality. The creators of a new documentary film, “Women Unchained,” hope to shed new light on this seemingly intractable issue, and create communal pressure for change. Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/sisterhood-blog/135658/


Shown at

  1. 11th Annual JCC Rockland International Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  2. 22nd Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  3. 8th Annual JCC Rockland International Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  4. Berkshire Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  5. Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  6. Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival - 2011
  7. Savannah Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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