When Our Bubbas and Zeydas Were Young: The Schaechter Sisters on Stage

Attracting a new generation to Yiddish song, the dynamic Schaechter Sisters, accompanied by their Musical Director father Binyumen Schaechter, bring to life the youth of our grandparents in Eastern Europe. Through a potpourri of characters from the Yiddish songbook, featuring great Yiddish composers and writers, including Sholem Aleichem, Itsik Manger and Mordecai Gebirtig, they inspire us with themes that are universal and contemporary such as young love, family relationships and class struggle. Academy Award®-nominated director Josh Waletzky (Partisans of Vilna, Image before My Eyes) incorporates insightful family interviews and their unique mission to share Yiddish with the world. http://www.miamijewishfilmfestival.com/articlenav.php?id=1261

Original title:
Ven di bobes un zeydes zenen geven yung: Di Shekhter-tekhter af der bine
58 minutes

Shown at

  1. 15th CAJE Miami Jewish Film Festival - 2012

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