Salsa Tel Aviv

A romantic comedy with music and salsa dancing! Vicki is a single mom and a Mexican salsa dancer. After months of unemployment in Mexico, she goes to Israel to work there, and on the plane she meets Yoni. Vicki and Yoni are from completely different worlds – almost everything divides them: religion, culture and social class. Despite everything, they slowly fall in love filled with passion, jealousy, misunderstandings and comical situations, until the surprise ending.

90 minutes

Shown at

  1. 11th Annual Ruth and Bernard Friedman Windsor Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  2. 22nd Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  3. 6th JPL Israeli Film Festival (Montreal) - 2013
  4. Edmonton Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  5. Israel Film Festival New York - 2011
  6. Jerusalem Film Festival - 2011
  7. Jewish Arts and Film Festival of Fairfield County - 2011
  8. Jewish Film Festival (Australia) - 2011
  9. Savannah Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  10. Suffolk Y JCC International Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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