With The Right of Life and Death: Alex Kozinski

“One September morning we arrived in the amazing resort Palos Verdes, following Mr. Alex Kozinski`s invitation. He is one of the 12 presidents of the Federal Court of Appeal of the United States. Our host greeted us with a warm, Romanian hospitality. It`s the time when Mr.Kozinski usually feeds his chicken in the courtyard. He left Romania 50 years ago but in his library and in his soul he still keeps Topirceanu`s poems that used to be so dear to him in his childhood. Alex Kozinski, Romanian by birth, Jew by religion and American by adoption, dedicates only his spare time to these household activities. He spends most of the day being the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He is well-known for his decisions in famous cases. He was considered a rebellious non-conformist of the judicial world, but not everybody holds the same opinion, many people still considering him a conservative. Alex Kozinski was born in Bucharest and he still loves the city he was born in and that he knows so well. He has a lot of memories about the German school where he spent his primary school years. He still remembers the name of the head of the class, he didn`t forget that one of his colleagues had a sad accident; and he still keeps hidden in his heart his first love, Toto, the little girl that he had never had the courage to openly declare his love to. […]” (Mihaela Crăciun). http://www.bjff.ro/en/with-the-right-of-life-and-death-alex-kozinski.html

Original title:
Cu drept de viata si de moarte
30 minutes

Shown at

  1. Bucharest Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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