The Lying Game

This outstanding spy thriller unearths the complex world of counter-terrorism.  Giacomo Battatio's The Lying Game recounts a war of nerves and intrigue between the Palestinian National Movement and the French government during the 1980s. Abu Nidal is the ruthless leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization who carried out a string of attacks across Europe.  With a recently declared war on sympathetic European nations and moderate Palestinians, his organization begins to crack.  The French intelligence agencies, fearful that Abu Nidal's terrorism will reach their soil, recruit a young, idealistic Palestinian soldier with the hope that he will serve as a double agent and bring down Nidal's regime.  Revealing a shadow world of secrecy and revenge, this film provides a rare glimpse into the ambiguity and division among Palestinian nationalists prior to the Oslo Accords.


Original title:
105 minutes

Shown at

  1. 12th Annual San Antonio Jewish Film Festival - 2013

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