Lea and Darija

Poster for Lea and Darija It's inspiring true story about two thirteen year old girls who were, on the eve of World War II, great dancing and acting stars in Zagreb. Selling out theater venues, they weer praised in the most superb headlines by the Croatian and European press. They were filmed by Parisian 'Pathe' and Berlin's UFA... During the Nazi persecution of Jews and later German nationals' flight from communists, a dramatic friendship was born through entertainment, dance, but also anxiety. This led towards an unexpected end. http://www.leaanddarija.com/

Original title:
Lea i Darija
101 minutes

Shown at

  1. 5th Jewish Film Festival Zagreb - 2011
  2. Dayton Jewish International Film Festival - 2013
  3. Gainesville Jewish Film Fest - 2013
  4. Jewish Film Festival (Australia) - 2011
  5. New Jersey Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  6. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2012
  7. Vancouver Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  8. Virginia Festival of Jewish Film - 2013

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