Jean Wejnoon

Our life is an amalgamation of reality and imagination, therefore a film about life must contain the two elements, but how does one do this?” Director Mamdouh Afdile’s answer to this question is a fusion whereby the story and the storyteller become one, and the boundaries between reality and fantasy give way to a unique and vibrant image of life. The film Demons and Madness is an invitation to embark on a magical journey into Mamdouh Afdile’s amusing life. After painful disappointments in his career as a director, Mamdoh is forced to return to the city of Tyre where his family lives, to the place where people still believe in demons and witchcraft. Desperation compels him to take advantage of mystical stories in an awkward attempt to realize his dream of becoming a famous director. Very quickly, things start to go wrong and the dream mysteriously becomes a nightmare….

Original title:
Shed Ve Shigaon

Shown at

  1. Jerusalem Film Festival - 2011

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