Incessant Visions

He drew sketches on tiny pieces of paper and sent them, from the trenches, to a young cellist , who was waiting for him in Berlin. She thought he was a genius and after WW1 she helped him become the busiest architect in Germany. When she planned to leave him, for a communist poet, he built a perfect house for her, entirely planned by him, from the lakeview living room, to the silver-wear and her evening-gowns. When the Nazis came to power, they escaped the house and Germany forever. Erich and Louise Mendelsohn have wondered between continents, between world wars, between success and failure. The buildings that Erich built around the world, scattered as a trail of their journey, have changed the history of architecture. INCESSANT VISIONS is a cinematic meditation about the untold story of Erich Mendeloshn, whose life and career were as enigmatic and tragic as the path of the century. Award-winning filmmaker, Duki Dror (The Journey of Vaan Nguyen, Raging Dove) has created a spectacular interpretation based on Erich and Louise's relationship, for one of the most captivating chapters in the development of modern art.

71 minutes

Shown at

  1. 12th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Ann Arbor) - 2013
  2. 15th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2013
  3. 19th Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Potsdam - 2013
  4. 22nd Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  5. Jerusalem Film Festival - 2011
  6. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2012
  7. San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  8. Vancouver Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  9. Virginia Festival of Jewish Film - 2013

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