How to Re-establish a Vodka Empire

How To Re-Establish a Vodka Empire is a feature documentary charting the journey of the film director Dan Edelstyn as he tracks down his long lost Jewish Ukrainian heritage and then attempts to relaunch his great grandfather's once glorious vodka empire. The film consists of a whirlwind journey through European time, space and the great events of the 20th century. The story has it all: revolution and romance, exile and entrepreneurship, and at its heart lies a life changing discovery of a vodka distillery in the Ukraine.

75 minutes

Shown at

  1. 11º Festival Internacional de Cine Judio Mexico - 2014
  2. 19th Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Potsdam - 2013
  3. 23nd Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  4. Boston Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  5. Jewish Motifs International Film Festival - 2013
  6. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2013

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