Downtown Express

Poster for Downtown Express

Sasha is a young Russian violinist on a scholarship to Juilliard, living with his affectionate but overbearing father, a cellist determined to manage his son's career. While Sasha prepares for a critical recital that will launch him on a path to a glittering future, he is increasingly drawn to the rhythms he hears on the streets of New York. When he meets Ramona, a bohemian singer/songwriter, he joins her band, and falls in love with her and her music. He begins to lead a double life, careening frantically between two worlds.

90 minutes

Shown at

  1. 17th Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  2. 18th Annual Hartford Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  3. 23rd Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  4. Cherry Hill Volvo Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  5. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  6. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2013

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