Carte Blanche

The hospital never sleeps. Its eternal existence assures us that there will always be someone to keep us alive. It represents the myth of eternal life, to which the trauma surgeon has the key—a carte blanche. As the only trauma surgeon at Ichilov Hospital, Dr. Dror Soffer is always on call. He has to defeat death at any cost. “In my court, I condemn everyone to life,” he states with a smile. The social violence that challenges the work force cycle doesn’t allow him to sit still. He is obliged to use all his resources to reinstate his young patients back to work. The extreme situations he faces confront him with the conflicts of his trade. Dr. Soffer offers his patients refuge and relief in order to show them a safe path back to society. As some of his patients’ future seems grim, each one of them judges the future in a very different way. Carte Blanche is a tragic portrait of a trauma surgeon who does everything in his power to release his patients from the cycle of violence, in which he himself is trapped.

71 minutes

Shown at

  1. Jerusalem Film Festival - 2011

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