The Well: Water Voices From Ethiopia

Through the words of an ancient shepherd, the documentary guide us in the life of the Brana, a semi nomadic population in the south of Ethiopia that struggles perennially for survival. During the long periods of annual drought, the Brana life revolves around ancient perpetual wells, the only resource against the tragic effects of global climate change. Every day the young shepherds form human chains to be able to reach the depths of the wells to fetch out the water. Their hard work is stressed by a chant that seems to draw the great herds that are slowly moving near, after days and days of walking in search of a pasture, and are finally coming to drink at the singing Wells.

Original title:
Il pozzo: Voci d'acqua dall'Etiopia
52 minutes

Shown at

  1. 10th Annual Sheba Film Festival - 2013

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