The Stockholm Syndrome Trilogy

Exploring the fear and fascination that young Israelis have with the Europe of their ancestors, this experimental threepart musical draws from dance, performance art and gay camp. Part I, The Golden Mission juxtaposes kitsch Israeli music with songs by European chanteuses such as Marlene Dietrich, and introduces us to the trio of dancing graces that appear in all three parts. Part II, European Haven, is set to classical music and offers a romanticized idea of European bourgeoisie. Part III, Jewish Revenge is set in Berlin. Offering images of disturbing beauty reminiscent of the work of Matthew Barney, it features creative use of music that includes Madonna’s “Sorry” and “Tonight” from West Side Story. Stockholm Syndrome is a visually rich trilogy that manages to be highly amusing while examining the victim-victimizer relationship that is a part of the construction of Israeli identity.

70 minutes

Shown at

  1. 19th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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