Nachum, a 31-year-old Orthodox man, begins a training period with "Chevra Kadisha" (Burial Society) in order to eventually become a certified undertaker. A year earlier his daughter, only one month old, died while sleeping in her crib. Ever since, unable to get rid of the guilt feeling that haunts him, Nachum decides to touch death daily. But there's a price to pay for his decision. His wife Yona, now pregnant again, feels that her husband is absorbed with the world of the dead and is moving away from her. Her struggle to get Nachum back to her and his struggle between the dead and the living becomes the core of this story that takes place during the last month of Yona's pregnancy, which is also the training period for Nachum.

Original title:
65 minutes

Shown at

  1. Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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