Mary Lou

In the genre of the TV hit Glee, this modern fable ecounts Miriam’s dream of becoming a famous inger, leading her to disappear mysteriously, bandoning her son, Meir, on his 10th birthday. Now in high school, eir and his best friend are eyeing the same gorgeous guy. Meir truggles to find himself as he continues to search for his mother. evealing Tel Aviv’s colorful gay scene, Mary Lou features performances of the music of Israel’s pop legend, Zvika Pik, who appears as himself.

150 minutes

Shown at

  1. 19th Annual Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  2. 21st Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  3. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2015
  4. Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  5. New Jersey Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  6. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2012
  7. Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  8. Tucson International Jewish Film Festival - 2012
  9. Vancouver Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  10. Virginia Festival of Jewish Film - 2012

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