Based on the long overlooked atrocities directed against Germans at the end of WWII, this provocative historical drama recounts the ordeal of a wealthy German sawmill owner and his half-Jewish Czech wife. August Habermann is an influential and respected community leader in the Sudetenland region where Germans and Czechs lived together in relative peace for centuries. Interested in neither politics nor ideology, he focused on his work, his wife Jana and their newborn child. But when Nazis invade this quaint corner of Europe, a Wehrmacht officer makes an example of Habermann, exploiting the industrialist’s prominence and Jana’s Jewish lineage to craft a cruel quandary.

104 minutes

Shown at

  1. 16th Annual East Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  2. 21st Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  3. 25th Annual Southwest Florida Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  4. 4th Annual Sioux City Jewish Film Festival - 2013
  5. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  6. St. Louis Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  7. Tucson International Jewish Film Festival - 2012

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