Dear Prudence

French writer-director Rebecca Zlotowski conjures up a spellbinding sojourn in present-day Paris. Taking its cue from the famous song by The Beatles, it is a closely observed portrait of a Jewish teenager, Prudence Friedmann, who, following the sudden death of her mother, takes leave of her sheltered bourgeois background to explore the wild side of life. Inflamed by the sheer adventure of it and wanting to taste danger and a life removed from her own, Prudence makes the most of her freedom. As she takes in the sights and sounds - the blare of horns, of roaring engines, the shimmer of lights and the camaraderie of the bikers and girlfriends she has taken up with - she discovers a stranger who will change her life and, by accident, force her to re-discover her own place in the world. In the lead role, Léa Seydoux (last seen here in Inglourious Basterds and Robin Hood) delivers a hypnotic performance as a young woman navigating an uncharted emotional landscape, and shows what makes her one of France's most extraordinary young actresses. This remarkably assured feature début is as much an intimate portrait of loss and connection as a spine-tingling cautionary tale shot through with moments of pure joy.

Original title:
Belle Épine
80 minutes

Shown at

  1. 21st Annual Festival of Jewish Cinema (Australia) - 2010

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