Comrade Goldberg

June 12, 1964, Pretoria, South Africa: Nelson Mandela and seven others await their verdict in the Rivonia Trial for sabotage. The only white man is a Jewish revolutionary, Terrorist to the whites, Freiheitskampfer - Freedom Fighter to the Blacks and Coloureds: Denis Goldberg. None received the death penalty, but Goldberg was exiled to a ‘whites only’ prison, the others to notorious Robben Island. This film follows Goldberg, a hero of the apartheid struggle in his new life as an advocate for peace and integration in the new Rainbow Nation and shows him in his 70s as a quiet and reflective man who works with teen-aged kids in schools to speak of the fact that not all whites were persecutors.

55 minutes

Shown at

  1. Jewish Film Festival (Australia) - 2011

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