77 Steps

The personal journey of the director who leaves her Arab-Muslim village and moves to Tel-Aviv. In an attempt to find an apartment in the city, she encounters discrimination and refusal by most landlords because of her Arab origins. She finally finds an apartment, and meets her neighbor -- Jonathan, a Jewish-Canadian man who immigrated to Israel. A love story evolves. Ibtisam joins a left-wing political party (Meretz) and runs for the Knesset. On New Year's Eve 2009 Israel invades Gaza. Hundreds are killed. Ibtisam resigns from her party because of its support of the war. Ibtisam struggles over her Palestinian identity in the shadow of war and hatred, but does not relinquish her relationship with Jonathan. Yet something has gone sour. Jonathan's family refuses to meet his girlfriend. Jonathan says: "They can't forgo their image of their future daughter-in-law - Jewish, white and English-speaking". Ibtisam is also unable to reveal her relationship to her mother and keeps it a secret. One day, Jonathan's grandfather comes from Canada on a nostalgic trip to Kibbutz Ein-Dor, which he helped found in 1948. Ibtisam and Jonathan join him. It becomes an individual journey for each one of them -- one that takes them backwards in time and forward into the unknown, to memories and dreams, Nakba and independence, Love and hate longing and loss. After this journey nothing can be the way it was before. There is no turning back.

Original title:
77 Madregot
77 minutes

Shown at

  1. 5th Annual Other Israel Film Festival - 2011
  2. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2011
  3. Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  4. Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2017

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