Stalin Thought of You

By the time he passed away in 2008 at the age of 109, Boris Efimov’s pen had churned out political cartoons for the Soviet press on just about every world event of the past hundred years. Whether during WWII or the Cold War, Efimov always had an inexhaustible supply of images to deploy against the enemy. Behind his remarkable career and his seemingly endless charm and wit is what Efimov calls “a wound that does not heal”—the execution of his brother Mikhail Koltsov. Efimov’s words, drawings and animated films are interwoven with rarely seen footage from the Russian State Film Archives in a kaleidoscopic stroll through the darker side of the 20th century.

Original title:
Stalin vspomnil o vas
100 minutes

Shown at

  1. 19th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  2. 21st Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  3. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  4. Stockholms Judiska Filmfestival - 2011
  5. Westchester Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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