Yotam, a thirteen year-old boy studying at an ultra-orthodox Jewish boarding school, is battling the awakening of his sexual desires. Confused and guilt-ridden, he consults with his rabbi who abuses his position and Yotam's innocence. With no one to trust and nowhere to go, Yotam finds himself trapped by the enforced silence in his community. In a world where sex is taboo, victims suffer in silence often blaming themselves for the crimes inflicted upon them, while the abusers know their acts will go unpunished. “Sinner” attempts to give voice to the children whose innocence is abused within the walls of the only world they know by the very same people whose task is to guide them and keep them from harm.

25 minutes


Shown at

  1. 9th Annual Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  2. Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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