Queen of Jerusalem

When I was a little boy I thought my mother was a queen. She had a dazzling smile, a cold glance, and a commanding tone of voice that told me she was a queen. At night, before bed, she would bounce me on her lap and sing Hoppe Hoppe Reiter, a cruel, ancient German childrens song. Professor Trude Dothan, 86, is the first lady of Israeli archeology. She is an Israel Prize laureate and an international expert on the Philistines. Her son, musician, writer, and filmmaker Dani Dothan, decides it is time to excavate his mothers energetic life. But then she falls and is housebound for the first time in her life. Dani returns home and that is when the real excavation begins. He searches trough cabinets and drawers and discovers a life that his mother kept hidden from him. Trude catalogs objects, drawings, even death masks. Layer after layer, Dani uncovers a world he never knew; as the layers unravel so does the relationship between mother and son. Dani Dothan And Dalia mevorachs film Queen of Jerusalem is a documentary drama whose protagonists are a house full of secrets, a man with an emotional scar, and a mother fighting for her right to live forever, to be a young and victorious queen, even in an ancient body.

Original title:
Malkat Yerushalyaim
75 minutes

Shown at

  1. Jewish Film Festival Berlin - 2010

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