A fast-moving and stylish heist movie with a Jewish twist. Sam Hazak Nicolas Cazalé belongs to a family of shopkeepers in Paris. Refusing to join the family business Sam becomes a notorious safebreaker and gets caught up in the underground world. Despite his talent he struggles with his chosen profession and the fact that he has to deceive his family by posing as a property developer. However, no one is fooled by his deception, especially his grandfather, and they all fear for his safety. Sam still struggles to try to be a good father to his nine year old son and to fulfill his ambition - to be a 'mensch' (a good man). When he is asked to take part in a diamond heist he plans that this will be his last job allowing him to retire from his criminal life before his son starts asking too many questions.

87 minutes

Shown at

  1. UK Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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