I Saw Giraffes In India

During the last decade, tens of thousands of young Israelis on their "Traditional-Post-Army-Israeli-Trip–To-India" fell in love with the music of the famous Israeli Rock band "Girafot" (The Giraffes) and came back to Israel as huge fans. In late 2008, the band arrives to India for the first time with a dream of a musical tour that will cross the colorful and exotic subcontinent and will end in a huge concert in Goa, the capital of the Israeli travelers. However, a series of deadly terror attacks in Mumbai not only shatters India's peaceful image, but sends the band on a quest of finding its audience, the thousands of Israeli travelers who fled Goa in fear of another terror attack. http://www.giraffes-india.com/ http://www.noam-pinchas.com/i-saw-giraffes-in-india.html

75 minutes

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