Heart of Stone

Before 1960, the Weequahic section of Newark, NJ, was largely an enclave of first-generation working-class Jewish families. During this era, Weequahic High School graduated more PHDs than any other school in the United States. One of its more famous graduates is Philip Roth, who has made his career using the Weequahic environs as the backdrop to many of his novels. Life in Weequahic changed abruptly after the 1967 Newark Riots. The Jewish families moved out and were replaced by many poor African Americans. For the next 30 years, a culture of discipline was replaced by a culture of crime as academic performance plummeted and the Bloods and Crips ruled campus and the streets. It was not until 2001 that Weequahic High School saw a glimmer of hope with the arrival of a new principal, Ron Stone, who vowed to return the school back to its former glory. Principal Stone created an unconventional...

84 minutes

Shown at

  1. 16th Annual Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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