Eyes Wide Open

Six decades after the founding of the Jewish State, when cherished historical memories collide with complex realities, how do you build your own individual relationship to Israel? In order to explore this timely question, Paula Weiman-Kelman spent more than a year following a wide range of American Jews, first-timers and frequent visitors, on their journeys to Israel. The result is Eyes Wide Open - a warm and personal film that vividly conveys the joys and ambivalences that inevitably characterize the deep emotional connection between American Jews and the Jewish homeland. Eyes Wide Open succeeds in lifting the spirit while raising important...

Original title:
Eynayim Pekuhot
90 minutes
Paula Weiman-Kelman

Shown at

  1. 15th Annual East Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  2. 3rd Annual Greater Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  3. 4th Jewish Film Festival Zagreb - 2010
  4. Ames Azalak Rochester Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  5. Annual NoVa International Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  6. Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - 2010
  7. Jewishfilm - 2010
  8. New York Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  9. Ring Family Israel Film Festival - 2011
  10. Ring Family Wesleyan University Israel Film Festival - 2014
  11. Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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