Bruriah and her husband Rabbi Meir lived in the second century C.E., at which time the Rabbis declared that "women are light-minded." Bruriah, a most learned and intelligent woman, mocked their statement. In order to prove their justification, Rabbi Meir sent one of his students to seduce Bruriah. She was seduced and when she discovered that it had been planned by her husband, she committed suicide. This story infiltrates and creates turmoil in the life of a religious Jerusalem family in 2008. Cultural issues of the value of study for women become salient in this film.

90 minutes

Shown at

  1. 14th Denver Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  2. 15th Annual East Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  3. 8th Annual Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  4. Athens Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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