And Who Are You?

The film "And Who Are You?" examines the complex sense of identity of many Canadians, through the experience of four Canadians who share a Polish ancestral connection. The four are all social researchers or activists in their professional lives, very much involved in questions of ethnic identity and minority and human rights. In this film, they turn their professional analytic skills on themselves, as they all travel to Poland, together, ostensibly to attend an international conference on immigration and identity. Two of the characters are Jewish, but have very different feelings about their Polish roots. One, whose family left Poland several generations ago, is actively seeking to regain, for himself, some way of "being Polish", and has gone so far as to study the Polish language and to research his family’s genealogy in Poland. The other is the son of Holocaust survivors and, while he feels to confront and examine his Polish origins, decides, in the end, that being Canadian and Jewish is what really defines him.

60 minutes

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