This Night

Poster for This Night The film revolves around a man named Ossorio (Pascal Gregory), a forty-year old surgeon, who is desperately eager to save his lady from the hands of dreadful and violent mob threatening the entire land. The setting occurred in the city named Santa Maria where that time is facing a big chaos a military group poised to acquire power through coup d’ etat, a rebellion in form of mutiny. Before such terrible times came, Ossorio regards Santa Maria as the perfect paradise to dwell in. Times passed and he had journeyed to other places. Upon his return, he was welcomed by a frightening picture of lawlessness. The land which was used to be a sanctuary of peace and endearment had suddenly turned out to be the most chaotic. Everything seemed to be ruined. Violence is a common scene in almost every corner. Everybody wants to leave the place so badly. And because this situation seems to find no end and restoration, the only remedy that he thinks is the best resort is to get away from the city. This is what he will do when he finally finds his dearest love Irene, portrayed by Amira Casar. The highlight of Niut de Chien is that one night (around eight o’clock pm to six o’clock am) filled with action. His night journey is considerably an odyssey. In this time, he has faced so many entangling experiences such as being taken to the chief of the rebellious faction, a serious confrontation with powerful leaders who have ruled over the government, and to various people. Then he finds out about the former leader and had another confrontation with him. The daughter of this ex-leader then goes with him in his journey. As the story continues, he also met a woman who was his patient two decades earlier and a friend whom he had a sexual encounter. While all these things are happening on his scene, a Secret Police leader who also aims a takeover in the government visited the place where he is at and dragged some of the ladies. I was followed by scenes of interrogations and serious tortures. As he goes desperately in search of his beloved he was driven to a hotel. There he met a woman by the name of Victoria, played by Laura Martin. Then the lady introduced Ossorio to Barcala, Victoria’s father, played by Sami Frey. Barcala is more than willing to include Ossorio along with another passenger on his ship as long as the price is right. He finally had a good deal and an opportunity to leave the disastrous place. However, the conflict is that he still needs to find Amira. She is the other passenger that should be with him before the boat sails.

Original title:
Nuit de chien
110 minutes
Werner Schroeter

Shown at

  1. 4e Biennale du Cinéma Israélien et du Film Juif - 2015
  2. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2015

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