Ten years after the release of his landmark, award-winning film Shtetl, filmmaker Marian Marzynski, a pioneer of Polish cinéma-vérité, returns to the subject of the Holocaust with Settlement, the most recent of his critically-lauded autobiographical films. A startling discovery draws Marzynski back to Poland, specifically to a shtetl house, home in the 1930s, to the Kushner family of thirteen and their thriving bakery. With the Holocaust came the destruction of the Kushners, whose few survivors fled to the corners of the globe. Sixty years later, Marzynski explores what became of them. Traveling to Poland, the United States, Israel, and a West Bank settlement, Marzynski visits the past, his past, but arrives at the future, to a family he never knew existed.

55 minutes

Shown at

  1. 5th Jewish Film Festival Zagreb - 2011

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