Po-lin. Okruchy pamieci

This film is unique archival collection showing the pre-war Poland, a world which had gone by, where two cultures, Jewish and Polish, coexisted next to each other, door to door, town to town. It’s a composition of amateur films made by American Jews visiting their relatives in Poland before 1939. The film presents the everyday life of Jews at the time. But there’s more – Dylewska re-visited the same locations to compare them with the pictures from 70 years ago. The result is staggering: a great emptiness. Po-lin, which means “we shall stop here” in Yiddish, does not deny the painful past. It only shows that there was much more to it, which is worth reminding and, maybe, reconstructing. http://www.jff-zagreb.hr/en/2011/05/25/po-lin/

82 minutes

Shown at

  1. 5th Jewish Film Festival Zagreb - 2011

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