Gefilte Fish

Gali's family has a long-lasting tradition. Every woman, engaged to be married, has to prepare Gefilte Fish for the wedding party as a virtue for the success of the marriage. Gali, who is engaged to Yaron, has received from her mother and grandmother, a living carp to be cooked. But oh dear, the poor creature seems human in her eyes, practically begging for its life. Gali is torn between the pity she feels towards the fish and the need to abide by her family tradition.

10 minutes

Shown at

  1. 13th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival (Detroit) - 2011
  2. 14th Annual Hartford Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  3. 21st Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  4. 6th Annual Houston Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  5. Ames Azalak Rochester Jewish Film Festival - 2010
  6. Geneva International Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  7. Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  8. Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival - 2011
  9. Tucson International Jewish Film Festival - 2012

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