Alien VI

Hidden amongst a thick of trees, the small town of Pszczycow, Poland is still haunted by its past. When a visitor wanders into their village, the locals are confronted by haunting memories. Menuhin, fully garbed in Jewish religious attire, invokes curiosity as he photographs village life. Everyone is talking and speculating about the significance of the peculiar visitor. With every interaction, Menuhin uncovers the pervasive guilt that still weighs heavily upon the village's denizens, who try as they may to bequeath their memories and heirlooms upon their Jewish guest. Lankosz delivers a tale that seems all too real and intimate about the shadow that still plagues Poland's elderly as they struggle with their past and deeply entrenched prejudices.

Original title:
Obcy VI
30 minutes

Shown at

  1. Start Ups: A Jewish Shorts Film Festival - 2011

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