Lerner’s Revenge

In 1943, Gitl Lerner, a 45-year-old Jewish woman, hid with five of her children in the home of a Polish farmer. On the night of October 30, Polish farmers in the area stabbed Lerner and the five children to death. Sixty years later Roni Lerner, an Israeli businessman and Gitl’s grandson, set out to Poland with the film crew to track down his family’s murderers. In the course of his investigation, Lerner, pretending to be a historian, met the sole surviving murderer and uncovered the horrific case, which the prosecution in Poland has now reopened as a result. The murder suspect- Joseph Radchuk, a 92-year-old farmer, showed Lerner and the film crew where the bodies were reburied at the edge of the Catholic cemetery in Pashgalini, a small village on east Poland. http://www.jff-zagreb.hr/en/2011/05/24/lernerova-osveta/

Original title:
Nikmat Lerner
59 minutes

Shown at

  1. 5th Jewish Film Festival Zagreb - 2011

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