The Clown and The Fuhrer

Inspired by the true story of an encounter between Adolph Hitler and famed entertainer Charlie Rivel, The Clown and the Führer traces the bizarre story of one of the Third Reich's most celebrated stars. Berlin, 1944: Catalonian clown Charlie Rivel (Ferran Rañé) and his sidekick Witzi (Jordi Martínez) are performing at the Scala theater when they are "invited" by imposing Gestapo agent Krauss (Manel Barceló) to prepare a routine for the Führer's birthday celebration. Already uncomfortable, the situation turns tense when Krauss professes his admiration for Rivel and announces that he - not Witzi - will be acting alongside him in the big circus number. Unconvinced yet intimidated into accepting the proposal, the clowning duo has no choice other than to go along with Krauss' plan. But while Rivel tries his best to keep his reservations hidden, Witzi cannot contain his hatred and resentment for the Gestapo due to the fact that his Jewish wife was murdered by the regime. As a result, Witzi is deported and replaced by Golo. Soon thereafter, a threat against Hitler's life threatens to change the course of the war, and alter the history of mankind.

Original title:
El pallasso i el Führer
93 minutes

Shown at

  1. Dayton Jewish International Film Festival - 2010

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