Ira and Abby

Poster for Ira and Abby A neurotic, young psychology student, with low self-esteem, has a chance encounter with a free-spirited, extremely gregarious woman who works at the Paris Health Club in New York City, and who suggests that they immediately get married to see how it will work out. Both of the student's parents are analysts, and they provide the happy couple with a gift certificate for a year of marriage counseling as a wedding present. This turns out to come in handy when the groom finds out his spur-of-the-moment bride has a past a lot more extensive then he had imagined. After an annulment and a remarriage, punctuated by a series of almost infidelities and betrayals--not to mention a steamy affair between his mom and her dad--this fable runs full circle from the bride aiding and abetting a mugger on the honeymoon subway ride "home" to the newly divorced couple discussing their romantic future together while in bed with the Sunday paper. This humorous and endearing tale follows the ramifications of one couple's relationship and how it touches families and friends. It is an entertaining and thought-provoking story about love, trust, marriage, cheating and jealousy. The writing is funny, witty and engaging, and who could not love a film featuring seven shrinks?

104 minutes
Robert Cary

Shown at

  1. Altoona Jewish Film Festival - 2008

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