Black Book / Zwartboek

Poster for Black Book / Zwartboek In 1944, Dutch-Jewish singer Rachel Stein is hiding from the Nazi regime in the occupied Netherlands. When the farmhouse where she had been hiding is accidentally destroyed in an Allied bombing, she goes to see a lawyer named Smaal, who has been helping her family. He organizes for her to escape to the liberated southern part of the country. Aided by a man named Van Gein, Rachel is reunited with her family and boards a boat that is to take them and other refugees to the south. They are ambushed on the river by members of the German SS, who kill them and rob the bodies of valuables. Rachel alone survives, but does not manage to escape from occupied territory.

Original title:
145 minutes
Paul Verhoeven

Shown at

  1. Altoona Jewish Film Festival - 2008
  2. Ventura County Jewish Film Festival - 2019

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